Erkopress motion – with colour touchscreen and automatic forming


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Insert the foil – Place the model – Start the program  

Everything else will be done by the Erkopress motion

Pressure forming device with automated thermoforming process to connect with the existing compressed air system. The medium-wave infrared heating without preheating time, heats up the material not only on the surface but also in-depth.



  • Completely automated thermoforming process
  • Patented sensor exactly determines the actual temperature of the thermoforming material
  •  The hot foil is formed vertically onto the model for uniform thicknesses
  •  The adaption of the foil takes place without delay when the cylinder is engaged
  •  Outstanding workplace safety with automatic switch-off function and pinch protection
  •  Medium-wave infrared heating without the need for a preheating time
  •  Easily accessible model during heating period.
  •  Acoustic and visual signals during operation
  •  Touchpanel control of functions with animations leading the workflow at each stage
  •  Connects to your air supply

Warranty: 2 years – includes shipping


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