Playsafe Triple Mouthguard

Playsafe Triple Mouthguard

The better protective effect of laminated sports mouthguards in comparison to single-layered mouthguards is proven. However, the fabrication of laminated sports mouthguards is much more complex process.

A Playsafe triple can be fabricated in about the same time as a single-layered sports mouthguard but provides at least the same protective effect, at smaller proportions, than the custom laminated Playsafe heavy-pro.

The Playsafe triple plate is produced with three-layers pre-laminated, inside and outside soft and a central hard layer.

To produce the Triple, thermoform once and imprint the articulation surface at the same time using the Playsafe Triple bite spacer and Erkoform 3, 3d or Motion with the Occluform 3, allow to cool off and finish or, if required, personal identification can be added with the label cover.

The resulting occlusal surface allows movement for the athlete and automatically provides a lateral stop (buccal shield) by this method of bite imprinting. This can design can help absorb lateral impacts.

Available in all Playsafe colours in 5.5mm thickness (Playsafe Triple) and 4.1mm thickness (Playsafe Triple Light)

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