Occluform-3 Attachment – for all Erkoform 3 series units


1,554 Points


The Occluform-3 allows for directly imprinting the opposing bite in the Erkoform 3 series units during the thermoforming process

The Occluform-3 can only be installed at the Erkoform 3 series units. The construction of the Occluform-3 unit is based on a Bonwill triangle with side length of 11.5 cm and a Balkwill angle of 20°.

The dimensions of the Occluform-3 allow for a bite elevation at average values. The elevation of 1 line at the supporting pin corresponds to approx. 1 mm bite elevation at the incisal point.
If a construction bite is produced the models are articulated in the Occluform-3 using this record.


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