Field of use:

(see brochure Thermoforming technique and material card) Hard layer for the sports mouthguard PLAYSAFE Heavy-Pro and Light-pro


Material properties:

Viscous-hard, transparent foil. Extremely impact-resistant. Very well mouldable. Bonds by heat to ERKOFLEX (EVA).



(see brochure Thermoforming technique) Finishing set Quick 2 (110 877)



(for machines without heating time control) Test softness of foil with an instrument. If permanent impressions result, thermoform.

Erkodur-S th. 0.80mm (20 pieces)

Erkodur-S th. 0.80mm (20 pieces)

For the ERKODENT mouthguard PLAYSAFE Heavy-Pro and Light-pro. Chemical characteristics: Physiologically harmless, BGA (Federal Health Office) listed polystyrene (styrene butadien co-polymer). Insol..


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