Erkoform-3d Motion – with colour touchscreen and automatic forming


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The Erkoform-3d motion – rapid vacuum thermoforming with an automated thermoforming process. The field of use and the technical data is equivalent to the Erkoform-3d+ but with the automatic function replacing the longest working step – the thermoforming process. Automation makes it unnecessary to monitor the heating and manually move the hot foil from the heating unit to the model to thermoform.

After the model is positioned and the heating cycle is initiated the 3d Motion can be left to automatically complete the entire thermoforming process.

  • Program foil
  • Insert foil
  • Start heating process, and place the model in the unit
  • The thermoforming process and the cooling time run automatically until complete

Add the Occluform-3 to allow imprinting of the opposing bite at the same time as the thermoforming process

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