Filling Granules + Accessories

Cover template for filling granulate: 4 sizes Prepunched in 4 sizes (2 for upper jaw, 2 for lower jaw), to cover the filling granules. Embed the model into the granules and cover the granules with a cover template. Recommended when soft materials are thermoformed without insulating foil. The filling granules do not stick to the foil.

Filling granules of rounded, high-grade steel: Filling granules to fill undercuts and to limit the model height. Rounded edges to avoid small tears in thin foils. Embed the model into the granules. Please do not mix these filling granules with other kinds. Allows the use of models without a trimmed model base.

on-off Magnet: A magnet to collect high-grade steel granules. The granules will be strongly attracted but no longer have to be plucked from the magnet. Pull once at the handle and the granules fall off.


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