Lisko Finishing Discs

Lisko polishing discs: Lisko polishing discs with open structure for cooling, unique for working soft materials. Excellently suited for grinding and smoothing flexible acrylics, silicones or other soft materials. They are also suited for pre-polishing metal and other acrylics.

Max. number of revs. 5000/min. In case of fine grain size grind under low pressure only. Wear protective glasses.

Lisko-B polishing discs: Lisko-B is a prepolishing discs with remarkably higher endurance. Lisko-B is always used with supporting discs on both sides. If the disc is ablated up to the supporting discs, these can be removed and the disc can still be used. Recommended number of revs. 10,000/min.

Lisko-S polishing discs: Lisko-S polishing discs have a half-open stabilised structure. For prepolishing and working soft materials and for prepolishing hard materials. Ideal speed range 4000 – 12000 rpm. Wear protective glasses.

Liskoid: is a stable pressed disc (DBGM), ideally suited for pre-polishing narrow spaces of thermoformed splints. For very narrow zones, the disc can be sharpened with sand paper.

Liskosil: Liskosil is a fine-abrasive polishing disc with an enormous service-life, which not only allows fine-grained removal of material, but also removes larger quantities of material by increasing the contact pressure. No matter whether it is coarse or fine sanding, a fine, slightly mat surface is always left, which in many cases does not require a high gloss polish. Ideal speed range for Liskosil, 5.000 – 10.000 rpm, wear protective glasses.


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